While most of CCRP’s grantmaking is conducted on a regional basis through the four place-based communities of practice, some grants are made on a cross-cutting basis to serve all four regions and/or to address broader issues. 

Some cross-cutting grants are aimed at providing support to grantees in multiple regions. Examples of this type include one for Research Methods Support (RMS), a major grant to the University of Reading’s Statistical Services Centre. The RMS project supports CCRP project teams and their host institutions to use appropriate research methods effectively. In addition, the RMS team operates as members of the CCRP Leadership Team, contributing to the strategic thinking of the program as a whole. Another cross-cutting grant supports spatial analysis at the program and project levels, helping grantees and others in the use geographic information systems and related approaches (in cooperation with the RMS team).

Other cross-cutting grants are aimed at developing resources of relevance to research and development efforts towards agroecological intensification (AEI). For instance, a grant to Michigan State University for the PhotoSynQ project supports the development and application of low-cost sensors that can be used by researchers, extension personnel, development practitioners and farmers to measure key environmental factors like temperature, moisture, carbon dioxide, spectral features, etc. A small grant to the NGO Kilimu Timilifu Ltd. supports a review of the training curricula that are being used by farmer training centers in east Africa.

A third type of cross-cutting grants supports networking and collective among funders who support AEI-related work.  For example, a grant to the New Venture Fund supports the Global Alliance for the Future of Food as well as the AgroEcology Fund.


AEI-X and FRN program support
Strengthening multistakeholder cooperation on agroecological approaches for sustainable agriculture
test Climate and Ag - Impacts and Opportunities
Climate Change & Food Systems: Assessing Impacts and Opportunities
test FIPS Village-based Agricultural Advisors
Increasing the evidence base for Agro-Ecological Intensification through large-n demonstrations through Village-based Agricultural Advisors
test FTC Curricula
Review of Select Agricultural Training Program Curricula and Practices to Guide AEIx Development
Gaff II
Advancing Collaboration towards Sustainable Food Systems
GIS - Program and Region
GIS Support for CCRP
14-496, 15-452
test Large-N Trials
Democratizing farmer citizen science: designing a coherent methodology from participatory target setting to large-N experiments to ensure engagement and equity
test Leadership support
Building Research Leadership and Management Capacity of CCRP Communities of Practice in Sub-Saharan Africa
test New Venture Fund
Support for Global Alliance and AEF projects in their efforts to foster healthy and well-functioning food and agricultural systems
PhotoSynQ II
Deploying the PhotosynQ Platform to Enhance Critical Plant, Soil and Seed measurements to African Breeders, Researchers, and Extension Agents
test Research Methods Support
Research Methods Support
test Seed Study Contribution
Strategic Funding Opportunities to Strengthen Community-Based Efforts to Advance Seed Agro-Biodiversity
Soils - Cross-Cutting
Building soil quality across the CCRP program: multi-context research and engagement on residues and soil organic matter management
test TEEB - Core costs
The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Agriculture and Food (TEEBAF)
test True Cost Accounting
The True Cost of American Food - Farm Level Case Studies
test PhotosynQ
MultispeQ: A Deployable Sensor for the PhotosynQ Network to Enable Critical Plant, Soil and Seed Measurements for African Breeders and Extension Agents
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