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The Global Alliance seeks collaboration
11th May 2018
The Global Alliance for the Future of Food has announced a Call for Ideas – 2050: Visions for Global Food Systems Transformation.The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is a strategic alliance of philanthropic foundations working to transform global food systems. Deep and lasting change can...
2018 - Quarter One Newsletter
30th April 2018
The West Africa Community of practice delivers a Leadership Essentials Training, focused on diversity, and hosts their annual regional meeting. Join us for these and other highlights from across the Collaborative Crop Research Program.

Featured Project

Sorghum and pearl millet are major staples for smallholder farm families in West Africa where malnutrition is common. Local cereal fortification with indigenous legumes (cowpea, groundnut, Bambara groundnut), which are generally richer in protein, minerals and vitamins (e.g., iron, zinc, vitamins A and D), can be a means to remediate micronutrient deficiencies in common diets.