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Farewell to Andes Liaison Scientist Julio Postigo
30th November 2018
Andes Liaison Scientist Julio Postigo will be transitioning out of his role with the program by the end of 2018. The CCRP program wishes to acknowledge and thank Julio for his important contributions to the program. More than two and a half years ago, Julio stepped into the Liaison Scientist...
Access Agriculture work recognized with “iStandOut” award
11th November 2018
Access Agriculture was recently awarded Prize Digital for Development’s (D4D) ‘iStandOut’ award during an October ceremony in Belgium. Access Agriculture is an international NGO that hosts nearly 200 videos in 75 languages, all freely downloadable. Development organizations, extension services, TV...

Featured Project

Sorghum and pearl millet are major staples for smallholder farm families in West Africa where malnutrition is common. Local cereal fortification with indigenous legumes (cowpea, groundnut, Bambara groundnut), which are generally richer in protein, minerals and vitamins (e.g., iron, zinc, vitamins A and D), can be a means to remediate micronutrient deficiencies in common diets.