May 2019 Board Approvals

The McKnight Foundation board of directors approved ten CCRP grants during its May board meeting. Congratulations to the following grantees:

Association Ecology Technology and Culture in the Andes for an Andes project titled "Dissemination and Multiplication of Innovative Proposals on Commercialization, Consumption and Agroecological Practice Adapted to Climate Change II" led by Teobaldo Pinzas.

Grupo Yanapai   for an Andes project titled "Encouraging Diversity in the Central Peruvian Highlands: Institutional Innovations for the In Situ Conservation and Utilization of Agrobiodiversity" led by Maria Scurrah.

The Mountain Institute for an Andes project titled "Punas-Pastures IV: Promoting Innovations for Agroecological Intensification (AEI) in Agro-pastoral Landscapes of the High Andes of Peru" led by Beatriz Fuentealba.

Regents of the University of Michigan for an Andes project titled "Examining and Strengthening the Resilience of Agrobiodiversity and Healthy Diets Among Smallholders in the Peruvian Andes" led by Andrew Jones.

Agriculture Improvement Support Services for an Eastern Africa project titled "Embedding Option By Context Interactions Through Improved Participation and Farmer Leadership Within the Western Kenyan NGOs' Farmer Research Network" led by Daniel Nyambok.

Association for the Development of Production and Training Activities for a West Africa project titled "Supporting and Strengthening Farmers' Research Networks to Improve Local Innovation in Burkina Faso and Mali" led by Bourama Diakit.

FUMA Gaskiya for a West Africa project titled "Women's Fields-III: Refining FUMA Gaskiya's Farmer Research Network Approach With Special Emphasis on Co-Creation and Data Sharing With Farmers" led by Ali Maman Aminou.       

l'Institut d'Economie Rurale for a West Africa project titled "Intensifying Fonio Farming in Diverse Agroecological Systems in Mali" led by Moussa Daouda Sanogo.

Colorado State University for a cross-cutting project titled "Building and Assessing Soil Health in Smallholder Systems: Research and Engagement Across the CCRP" led by Steven Fonte.

Meridian Institute for a cross-cutting project titled "Improving Soil Health Through a Global Community of Practice and Continental Action Plans " led by Todd Barker.