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The 2014 Quarter One Newsletter contains updates from across the program. The West Africa Community of Practice is featured and the team shares highlights from their recent regional meeting in Niger.

The 2013 Quarter Four Newsletter contains reflections from the 2013 Southern Africa Community of Practice Meeting and updates from across the program.

Third quarterly newsletter features CCPR impact in the High Andes of South America. The Bolivian PROINPA project on quinoa and the INIAP project on quinoa, lupin and amaranth of Ecuador are highlighted along with two nutrition-focused projects led by World Neighbors of Bolivia and Yanapai of Peru.

The August 2013 newsletter highlights second quarter accomplishments across the program and features the East/Horn of Africa Community of Practice.

In the latest issue of the CCRP quarterly newsletter, we take a look back on 2012. Not only to reflect on the success of projects but also to check in with the teams that made them all possible.