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Increasing Bean Productivity in Mozambique
12th December 2016
The soils of Mozambique are known to be low in available phosphorus. The Mozambique Institute of Agricultural Research (IIAM) is developing new kinds of legumes that can give higher yields in local soils. Learn more by viewing the video below or  on CCRP’s YouTube channel at:
Batamaka Somé to Serve West Africa CoP as Regional Representative
2nd December 2016
The Collaborative Crop Research Program of The McKnight Foundation is pleased to welcome Batamaka Somé as Regional Representative for the West Africa region.Dr. Somé, a practicing anthropologist, is a research consultant based in Burkina Faso. He has conducted extensive research in agriculture and...
Methods for Controlling Groundnut Rosette Disease
29th November 2016
Groundnut Rosette Disease can severely impact groundnut yields, challenging smallholder farmer’ livelihoods. To learn more about the transmission and management practices for this virus check out the video below or visit Read about CCRP Groundnut projects in the...
Exclusive Interview with Robert Mwanga, 2016 World Food Prize Co-Recipient
15th November 2016
Robert Mwanga, a CCRP grantee from 1994-2009, was one of four co-recipients of the 2016 World Food Prize. Dr. Mwanga and his colleagues at Uganda’s National Agricultural Research Organization developed more than 20 sweetpotato varieties, many of which were biofortified with vitamin A. A scientific...
2016 - Quarter Three Newsletter
2nd November 2016
Catch up on program news with the latest edition of the CCRP Quarterly Newsletter. Recent regional visits and the Andes Community of Practice are featured.
Advancing Together_Highlights from 10 years of CCRP in West Africa
10th October 2016
Advancing Together: Highlights from 10 years of CCRP in West AfricaOctober 11, 2016 - Highlights from 10 years of work in the West Africa Community of Practice of The McKnight Foundation's Collaborative Crop Research program. Download PDF at: