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PhotoSynQ team visits West Africa
5th September 2017
Mobile phones and other handheld technologies are changing the way and speed with which we gather information, interact with one another and understand the world around us. The agricultural community is similarly impacted by new technologies. For example, improvements in crop productivity are...
Nimble Farmer Research Network Responds to Fall Armyworm Invasion
28th August 2017
Fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda, FAW) was recently introduced to African landscapes and the insect pest has been chewing its way through many of the continents’ staple crops since. First detected in central and western Africa in early 2016, FAW larvae were initially assumed to be those of a...
2017 - Quarter Two Newsletter
1st August 2017
Join us for highlights from across the Collaborative Crop Research Program and learn how collaboration through Farmer Research Networks is stimulating collective action among participants in Eastern Africa and beyond.Download the newsletter here or view below.
Agro-Insight releases local-language translations of "Managing aflatoxins in groundnuts during drying and storage"
23rd July 2017
The Collaborative Crop Research Program strives to communicate effectively with different stakeholders involved in agriculture research and development. One type of communication resource the program has recently invested in is the development of videos directed toward, and often produced by,...
Grain Processing project farmers featured in new video.
15th June 2017
A new, french language film has been produced and features the activities of Grain Processing project farmers as they work to improve livelihoods through novel grain processing methods in Niger. Project activities such as the processing of local cereal and legume crops into nutritious, easy-to-cook...
Eduardo Peralta retires after career devoted to returning lupin, quinoa, and amaranth to field and table
5th June 2017
En español aquí - Over the last decade, Ecuadorans have added to their national menu a “new,” fashionable foodstuff that checks all the boxes: nutritious, delicious, local, affordable, and environmentally sustainable. A dense, white bean, lupin was one of the indigenous crops championed by...