WAf 5th Annual Community of Practice Meeting

Monday, March 7, 2011 to Thursday, March 10, 2011

Event description

CoP5-WAf was held March 7-10, 2011 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Team members from the eleven projects being implemented in Burkina Faso,
Mali and Niger, gathered in Ouagadougou for the meeting. The workshop aimed to facilitate the exchange of experiences, mutual support, and collective learning among participants in the WAf CoP in order to advance the
CCRP’s regional strategy for agro‐ecological intensification (AEI) of agricultural production for food and nutrition security in the Sahel. More specifically, the agenda of the meeting included the following points: (a) Discussing issues around AEI and their relevance in improving livelihood and food and nutritional security of smallholder farmers in the Sahel; (b) Collectively analyzing the regional strategy and theory of change (ToC) and the projects’ ToCs to identify critical gaps, needs for harmonization and potential synergies, (c) Sharing and learning from the projects’ experiences; (d) Strengthening the sense of Community of Practice (CoP) by seeking areas of common interest and potential linkages and synergies between and among projects; and (e) Reviewing plans and protocols of activities for next year by project, and for the CoP. Besides presentations on research updates by projects teams, there were also a joint presentation on AEI by William Payne and Melinda Smale and another on the concepts of a community of practice by Hamado Tapsoba. Participants were also updated on the implementation of the different supports on research methods, monitoring and evaluation and English language. The meeting was facilitated by Dr. Thomas Schwedersky of PICO Team.

Event organizers and key contacts

Hamado Tapsoba, Regional Representative and workshop coordinator
Bill Payne, Liaison Scientist
Rebecca Nelson, Scientific Director, The McKnight Foundation CCRP
Jane Maland Cady, International Program Director, The McKnight Foundation