Andes 6th Annual Community of Practice Meeting

Monday, July 12, 2010 to Friday, July 16, 2010

CoP6-Andes was held July 12-16, 2010 in Santa Clara, Peru. Participants
included grantees from Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru representing 15 project grants as well as one studentshi grant and one nutrition support grant, along with research and IMEP support specialists, facilitators, and CCRP management and Advisory Committee member. The focus of the meeting was “Negotiating Change” between different actors and stakeholders such as farmers (men, women), biophysical scientists, social scientists, extension workers, donors, and policy‐makers. In an effort to meaningfully incorporate farmers’ voices, six “wise” farmers from Peru were invited. They were farmers who had been identified by their communities as being able to interact and negotiate with outsiders. The other participants had “knowledge dialogues” with the farmers to better understand each others’ perspectives, types of knowledge, and potential areas of collaboration. The projects also worked in their sub‐groups (markets, climate variability, sustainable landscapes/ AEI, seed systems, nutrition) on learning agendas for the upcoming year and leveraging impact.

More information can be found on the meeting wiki: