Typology Workshop

Thursday, July 16, 2015 to Friday, July 17, 2015

Cusco, Peru

Thirty-two people and five facilitators gathered for a two day typology workshop was held following the 11th Annual Andes CoP meeting in July 2015. The meeting was divided focus areas including:

  • Typologies: Content of "Typology construction, a way of dealing with farm diversity" was presented. Download: English | Spanish
  • Literature Review: Selected typology literature was discussed in breakout sessions. Groups then created and shared posters that captured what typologies were used, why and how the typologies were applied.
  • Constructing tables: Participants were asked to work with datasets conceptually through exersizes and directly.
  • Tool review: A review of what multivariate statistical tools do, how to prepare data to use them and how to interpret results.
  • Case studies: Real time examples of how typologies might work in CoP projects were highlighted.


  • Carlos Barahona , statistical support
  • Alex Riba, statistical support
  • Stephanie Alvarez, typologies expert
  • Pablo Cabrera, GIS support
  • Claire Nicklin, Andes regional representative