RM East Africa CoP Workshop

Monday, February 15, 2016 to Saturday, March 19, 2016

Workshop aim

  1. Help projects make progress in selected key thematic areas that are important in CCRP, are relevant to many individual projects, have already been introduced and a start made
  2. Do this in a way that leads to real progress during the workshop and produces outputs of significant value to the projects, both participants  as well as others who cannot come to the workshop or are in a different thematic group.
  3. Do this in a way that emphasizes methods and processes for engaging farmers as key partners in the research.
  4. Enhance the COP by building some cross-project teams who can continue to help each other


  1. Use suggestions from the COP and insights from the RT to select 4 themes.
  2. For each theme, form a cohort with the right reps from each project team. Give them some preparation to do.
  3. At the workshop there would be 4 themes working in parallel. Minimal time spent of cross-theme learning so that each theme has time for real progress.
  4. Each theme group has facilitators from RM, GIS, gender and the subject area.
  5. They spend the week working through problems, designs, data analyses, with them aim of producing specific reports and/or plans for their projects and some general guidelines for use by others ( draft checklists, guides, presentations etc that can be refined and published later)