Eastern Africa CoP Research Methods Workshop 2016

Monday, February 15, 2016 to Friday, February 19, 2016


Eastern Africa CoP  Research Methods Workshop 2016
Maanzoni Lodge, Lukenya, near Nairobi Kenya

A new approach for learning and service delivery was trialed at the 2016 Eastern Africa Research Methods workshop. The Regional Team first polled grantees to get their input into the proposed design, content and outputs of the workshop and then adjusted the original design based on grantees’ feedback.

The workshop was divided into new approach consisted of the following elements:

  • Small group work around four specific thematic areas that were identified as relevant to many projects. These included: Baseline surveys (analysis and design), participatory technology development for legume integration, , large N trials, and characterizing pests and diseases.
  • Workshop participants applied to attend. At the time of application, they self-selected into one of four themes that were supported by facilitators from Research Methods, GIS and the subject matter. 
  • Facilitators also had the explicit task of emphasizing methods and processes for engaging farmers as key partners in planned research.
  • The theme groups spent all AM of the five days working through research issues related to their theme.
  • After lunch people were free to seek individual help for data analysis or opt into different trainings on offer (ODK, QGIS, using TEEAL, etc)

Expected outcomes of the workshop

  1. Individuals and projects make substantial progress in their selected thematic areas
  2. Peer to peer learning and CoP building enhanced
  3. Grantees develop explicit plans for engaging farmers as key partners in their research.
  4. Skill building in areas of specific interest to individuals.