Andes 13th Annual Community of Practice Meeting

Sunday, July 9, 2017 to Thursday, July 13, 2017

Community of Practice Meeting
Sucre, Bolivia

The annual CoP meeting will begin with a welcome dinner on July 9th and will close midday July 13th. 
There will be an optional field visit to the Organic Groundnut Project in Villa Serrano on July 8-9. 
An optional workshop on social network analysis is planned from July 13-15.

For more information on these events see the logistics documents at right.


Hotel Parador Santa María La Real
Hotel La Posada

Tourist visas

Most Latin American citizens do not require a visa. For visitors from other countries who do not already have a Bolivian visa (they are valid for 5-10 years, check the date on your visa in the passport), you will have to get one either at a Bolivian embassy or in the airport upon their arrival. The visa costs $70 and needs to be paid for in cash, an official proof of vaccine against yellow fever is also needed. Please contact Martha Vega for an invitation letter